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“Customer satisfaction is the key to success in any business—everyone knows that,” says Kathy Borock, head of marketing for Collar Clinic. “We try to satisfy our customers’ needs for a wide range of services beginning with our original e-collar repair program where we try to refurbish and fix older style remote trainers that dog owners like because they are accustomed to them. The Collar Clinic offers gun dog owners a variety of e-collars for their specific breed; taking the hassle out of shopping with a one-stop shop. “That’s why we have in stock a wide variety of parts for maintaining most all the major e-collars that often can no longer be repaired by the original manufacturers.” This is also the reason Collar Clinic has an e-collar trade-in program in which customers with out-of-date e-collars can trade them in on new models. “Though the trade-ins are good for a few dollars toward the purchase of a new product, this is better than throwing away an out-of-production e-collar from which we can salvage parts for our repair department,” Borock says. “This is a unique offer in the e-collar business, and is very popular with our customers. “In the past 25 years, we at Collar Clinic have seen the e-collar undergo some major improvements from the crude ‘shocking’ system with high-intensity power settings to the more sophisticated and sensitive remote-training device with a vast selection of stimulation settings,” Borock notes. The modern e-collar can now be easily adjusted to deliver a gentle electric “nudge” to enforce a dog’s trained behavior such as coming when called, whoaing on command, or being quiet when told. Likewise, the modern e-collar can be precisely calibrated to produce a more powerful jolt to control a dog’s often dangerous impulsive behavior such as chasing deer, confronting poisonous snakes or fighting porcupines. “These advancements in e-collar technology have been incorporated into our repair and sales programs at the Collar Clinic,” Borock says. “Because of the improvement, the modern e-collar is now seen as a more broadly effective, more humane and much more popular training tool.

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Dog Collar

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